President’s Message

Reprinted from the Spring 2016 Newsletter
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By the time you read this, the Spring Leaders’ Forum of the CCI in Vancouver will have ended. Those of us fortunate enough to attend the sold-out event will be back in Alberta. Back to work. The Spring CCI meeting is held alternating between East and West. Last year in Windsor ON ( I know it’s not really East) and this year in Vancouver. It is a chance to get together with those other individuals from across the country ( mostly unpaid volunteers) who run chapters, put on seminars, speak on condo matters, teach, advocate and make their living through the condominium industry. Although I have been attending events like these for 4 years now, I am blown away by just how much I can learn from my peers and by their steadfast commitment to the world of condominiums. If, as the old proverb goes, a problem shared is a problem halved, then by sharing we cut our work and worries in half. The forum is a place to share stories, experiences, victories and defeats. When you are face to face with a senior property manager of 40 years’ standing, you can short cut a lot of heartache by listening and asking “how to”-type questions. Likewise, when you are opposite a well-respected lawyer who has changed legislation in his province to bring in smoke-free buildings, you pay attention. Hopefully, we come back with more knowledge than we left with and we share our own experiences with other delegates. It’s a win-win. Oh yes, and CCI S Alberta threw its hat in the ring to host this national event in 2018…now that’s exciting!
We recently ran the Condo 101 course to great acclaim in both Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. This marks the first time that CCI Southern Alberta has ventured out of Calgary to deliver educational seminars. One major part of our remit at the CCI is to educate condo owners. The 2 out of town courses were very well-attended and the audiences were full of well thought-out questions. Stephen Cassidy and I made the long drive and shared the teaching duties equally. We were welcomed in both towns will open arms and left with the promise that we will continue to bring CCI’s courses and seminars to Southern Alberta. One thought does spring to my mind: there really is a great need for education of condo Directors. Ontario is in the process of making this mandatory. New legislation coming out this fall in Ontario will make all directors go through a course. Although there is no plan to bring this idea to Alberta at the present time, educated condo directors will do a better job of directing the operations of the condo than uneducated ones This does beg the question: what does the Ontario government consider condo directors need to know, and furthermore, who should provide that education? Will the course be free? Let’s see how this pans out.

As summer is coming on, please remember to renew your membership with us and consider submitting an application for the condo of the year and our new volunteer of the year award. Applications need to be in by end August and renewals are due in July. Wishing you a great summer. See you all in the Fall.

Andrew Fulcher