Who We Are

The Canadian Condominium Institute is the Voice of Condominium in Canada. Formed in 1982, CCI remains the only national condominium focused association. We have four major objectives:

A. To Educate

  • Through educational programs designed to inform its owners about condominium life
  • To equip directors with the skills necessary to conduct the affairs of a corporation
  • To qualify managers to better administer the operations of condominium

B. To Develop Standards

  • The Canadian Condominium Institute has developed standards in the areas of Law, Accounting, Property Management, Insurance and Real Estate. Through education and examination, the institute extends professional associate status upon those of its members who attain the required standards

C. To Offer Referral Resources

  • Referral resources are made available to Members seeking professional services and information

D. To Improve Legislation

  • The Canadian Condominium Institute represents condo owners/director issues at the government level when required

CCI operates primarily through Chapters across the country. The National membership meets once each fall for the Annual General Meeting, held in Toronto. Day to day business at the National level is conducted through the National Board, its Executive, and various standing and ad hoc committees.

We are proud to be an independent, non-profit organization dealing exclusively with condominium issues.