CCI South Alberta Reflects on the Passing of Manmeet Bhullar, MLA and former Service Alberta Minister

CCI South Alberta Chapter would like to reflect on the recent passing of an extraordinary young man who became a true friend of CCI during his time as Minister for Service Alberta.

Of course, we are speaking of the tragic death of Manmeet Bhuller this past Monday afternoon.

As you have all heard in the media, the reaction to his untimely passing at age 35 has stunned not only his family and friends, but in fact the whole of the Alberta Legislature and all of the communities which it represents.

It was at a Luncheon just like this one today, just over a year ago, that Minister Bhuller broke bread with us and shared the journey that had become the changes to the Condominium Act.

His sense of humor, his approachability and his grasp of the issues for which we all advocate, day in and day out, were plain to see and he relished both his role and our participation in it.

As you have heard, he was killed after having stopped to come to the aid of another motorist who had left the road, just north of Red Deer.

On behalf of CCI South Alberta, we offer our sincere condolences to his family.