Invitation to provide comments on Bill 13 – Condominium Property Amendment Act, 2014

On May 6, 2014, Bill 13, the Condominium Property Amendment Act was introduced in the Legislative Assembly. The Bill is based on a far-reaching consultation survey, plus input from many of you who participated in round table discussions, conference calls and the  six Task Teams that were assembled to discuss issues in more depth.


Bill 13 can be viewed on-line here:

Here is a link to summary information about the Bill’s contents:


The Bill addresses many issues including:

  • clarification and expansion of permitted uses for reserve funds;
  • a more effective and less expensive way for owners, boards and other interested parties to resolve disputes;
  • better disclosure of and access to corporation records;
  • better protection for Albertans who buy a condominium;
  • minimum skills and standards of practice for condominium managers; and
  • improved board transparency, accountability and corporation governance.


The Legislative Assembly of Alberta is now adjourned until October. The Ministry of Service Alberta is asking stakeholders for their comments on the proposed changes this summer to ensure that Alberta’s Condominium Property Act serves the needs of unit owners, condominium boards, industry members and potential buyers.


Introduction of the Bill marks a major milestone for the CPA Review project. Service Alberta is now inviting your organizations to provide comments.  We are interested to know about:

  • Clarity of the wording
  • Workability of the proposed changes
  • Unintended consequences of the proposals
  • Whether the regulation-making powers are sufficient


For your comments to be given due attention, please submit them to by June 30, 2014.


Many of your organizations will also be invited to discussion meetings with similar subject focus and formats as the Task Group meetings held in Fall 2013.  These are targeted for the middle of June and will involve owners as well.  These meetings are an additional opportunity to raise any concerns that you and your organization may have.


Debate on the details of Bill 13 is expected to take place in the Fall Sitting of the Legislature.  To learn more about Bill 13 and the results of Service Alberta’s recent Let’s Talk Condos condominium survey, please visit The Condominium Property Act Review Consultation Analysis Report contains a summary of the responses to the consultation survey. You may also check the Service Alberta website for updates on the progress of amendments.