CCI South Alberta – Thank You Minister Bhullar

03 June 2013

The Right Honourable Manmeet Bhullar
Minister of Service Alberta
MLA Calgary-Greenway

Minister Bhullar –

CCI South Alberta thanks you and your government for the changes brought to the Condominium Property Act through Bill 24.

The change that was made solved a legislative uncertainty that was leaving thousands of Albertans in financial and operational limbo regarding their condominium corporation. It would be no exaggeration that change effected by Bill 24 resolved a dire problem affecting all bare-land condominiums.

Most importantly, we appreciate the timeliness in enacting the change to the Condominium Property. Our organization feels that you specifically went out of your way to rapidly understand the issue, consult for a solution, and then propose and pass legislative change in a rapid timeframe. It is appreciated to see such support from our elected representatives.

Minister Bhullar, CCI South Alberta thanks you and your government for your continued hard work and diligence in addressing the condominium sector’s needs and pains.

Thank you –

Stephen Cassady
President, CCI South Alberta