There is Still Time to Complete the Government of Alberta Survey

Revisions to the Condo Act aim to to stop the horror stories explains what most of us all know. At CCI South Alberta – we hear far too often these type of stories and until recently felt helpless in ways to help.

The Government of Alberta has announced the  Consultation Paper for the general public regarding the changes to the Alberta Condominium Property Act is now up and running on the Service Alberta website: a few weeks ago. Due to overwhelming response, the Minister of Service Alberta,  Manmeet Bhullar has extended the deadline to May 2, 2013.

We at CCI South Alberta strongly encourage you to take the time to participate in this consultation paper. It has taken over a decade for the Alberta Condominium Property Act to begin revision and it could very well be another decade before an opportunity for more changes are available. The Consultation Paper is available here.