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August 20, 2020 - By CCI South Alberta

RECA Restructuring and Licensing and Educating Condo Property Managers


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Description automatically generatedThe Government of Alberta has amended the Real Estate Act (REA) and as part of this will restructure the governance model and will refocus the organization of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA). RECA will emerge from the restructuring with a clear mandate on licensing and regulating Alberta’s real estate sector which will, for the first time, include the licensing and training of condominium property managers. 

As part of RECA's restructuring, three stakeholder project teams have been struck to assist RECA, Service Alberta and the overall project steering committee with implementing these changes. CCI South Alberta (CCI SAB) and CCI North Alberta (CCI NAB)  have been actively involved in working with Service Alberta and with other stakeholder groups to represent the views of condominium owners and the condominium industry on licensing of condominium property managers and on providing focused education to these managers on this sector.  

We are pleased to announce that the following individuals from CCI SAB and CCI NAB have been appointed representatives on these stakeholder committees:

Divesting Responsibility for Delivery of Education

Within two years, RECA will no longer deliver education programs. This stakeholder project team, consisting of 11 members, will set the criteria for educational standards to enable 3rd party providers such as CCI to deliver the required education. CCI members are:
CCI SAB representative - Maria Bartolotti - Director, CCI SAB
CCI NAB representative - Carrie Plett - Director, CCI NAB


Onboarding of New Board and Industry Council Members 

This stakeholder project team, consisting of 11 members, will be developing a process and participant roles to properly onboard new RECA Board of Director and Industry Council members once they are elected or appointed.
CCI SAB representative - Walter Wakula - Director, CCI SAB
CCI NAB representative - Susan Milner - Chairperson, CCI NAB


Election of Industry Council Members 

Condominium and residential property managers are grouped together to represent one of the 4 RECA Industry Councils called the Residential Property Manager Council. This stakeholder project team, consisting of 11 members, will determine the proper election process for this industry council.
    CCI NAB representative - Anand Sharma, Director, CCI NAB

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