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July 2, 2021 - By CCI South Alberta

RECA has addressed questions on the need for a separate condominium manager license

The communication clarifies that existing real estate brokerages that provide condominium management services will need a condominium management brokerage license to provide this service after December 1, 2021. If a real estate broker is qualified under the condominium manager licensing requirements they could also become the broker of the condominium management brokerage at the same time as well. The email outlines that "Corporations, partnerships and proprietorships can have multiple licenses, meaning the same entity that owns a real estate brokerage or mortgage brokerage, can also obtain a condominium management brokerage license."

To view the RECA News email: please see the LINK

We encourage you to review Condominium Manager Licensing Eligibility and Education Requirements.

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