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May 19, 2020 - By CCI South Alberta

Podcast April 23, 2020: Fire Code Compliance in the Time of a Pandemic & Annual Fire Inspections

This information is part of the April 23, 2020 Podcast which can be found HERE

Frank Schroder | Calgary Fire Department


Frank Schroder has been involved in fire service for nearly 28 years, 18 of which were in a professional, salaried position. Prior to joining the Calgary Fire Department, Frank also worked in safety and emergency safety services. For the last 14 years in the Calgary Fire Department, Frank has been a senior level safety codes officer ensuring compliance with the Fire Safety Code Act. He is a certified fire investigator and is a leading member of the Fire Enforcement Compliance Team (FECT).

Presentation Overview
The Calgary Fire Department set some guidelines for industry relating to safely accessing suites within residential occupancies during the Covid-19 pandemic. The priority was to look at the annual maintenance pieces of life-safety systems. Life Safety Systems include fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Inspections of these have been temporarily postponed until safer access to these locations can be obtained.

Any impairments to the life-safety systems such as alarms going off, trouble lights on your systems, or if there are supervisory signals are a priority for the Calgary Fire Department. However, if there is not any impairments then the maintenance schedule can be delayed somewhat, given any safety concerns there may be on-site.

The STANDATA, a provincial government bulletin, provides guidance to owners on how they can temporarily inspect their own systems within their suites.

Those outside of the Calgary area should contact their municipality, fire department fire inspectors locally for information specific to your area.


City of Calgary, Calgary Fire Department, Fire Safety Systems LINK HERE

Building Owner Responsibilities (Fire Safety Maintenance Requirements) – LINK HERE

Safety Codes Act – LINK HERE








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