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October 2, 2018 - By CCI South Alberta


CCI South Alberta received a request to disseminate a survey to owners regarding gathering information regarding the Building Maintenance Byaw and the Building Exterior Visual Assessment.  Please note: this is only applicable to buildings 5 storeys and taller, and more than 10 year old.  The survey will be open until October 5, 2018.  For more information from the City of Calgary, please see below...


The City of Calgary is gathering feedback to review the current state of the Building Maintenance Bylaw (BMB) and the Building Exterior visual assessment to evaluate what is working and what is not. 

The Building Maintenance Bylaw came into effect Jan.1, 2017, requiring the exterior of Calgary's buildings to be visually assessed for necessary repairs every five years. The bylaw applies to buildings that are five storeys or greater and over 10 years old. These buildings will require visual assessments on exterior walls and roofs, with a focus on the highest risk issues on the highest risk buildings.

This bylaw is a proactive approach to public safety that fills a gap after the final inspection when a building is first constructed or renovated, and before safety issues happen as a result of deferred maintenance.

This is a request for you, to help us understand what improvements could be made to the bylaw by completing an online survey regarding the bylaw and the Building Exterior Visual Assessment process. The survey will be open until October 5th, 2018 and can be found by going to our website at:

The website also has more information on the bylaw, its forms and guidelines and how to complete a BEVA.

Should you have any questions regarding the bylaw or this survey, please contact Randy Reid, Chief Building Inspector, at



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