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March 12, 2020 - By CCI South Alberta

Alberta Condominium Insurance Update & Survey

As we are all aware, Alberta condominiums are continuing to struggle with insurance increases.

The insurance industry and government have been made aware of the problem. Last week, in an effort to address the problem, the Insurance Bureau of Canada held a full day stakeholders roundtable in Edmonton. This was the first of five (5) cities where meetings will be held. Vancouver, Halifax, Toronto and Montreal will be visited over the coming months. Representatives from CCI South (Dionne Levesque and Tony Reed), CCI North (Alan Whyte) and CCI National were all at the table.

Primary takeaways from the meetings were as follows:

As the current insurance situation affects so many condominium corporations and owners, and as there is currently a lack of data, we are asking you to complete the Alberta Condominium Insurance Survey. We want your help to assist us in collecting relevant information that we can gather and present to both the government and IBC. Please contact your broker to request your 5-year claims history in advance so you can complete all aspects of the survey accordingly.

Alberta Condominium
Insurance Survey


Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining insurance. There are several resources that we can point you to.

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