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Membership Categories

Condominium Corporation Membership

This membership entitles all unit owners/residents to Membership benefits.

The Board of Directors of a condominium development have a substantial responsibility to govern and manage their corporation properly and effectively. They are called upon each day to make prudent and effective business decisions that affect the lives of all residents in their corporations. The Directors of a Condominium Board need not feel they are alone. Through membership in the Canadian Condominium Institute, South Alberta Chapter, the entire Condominium Corporation benefits from information, education and the experience of hundreds of like-minded managers and professionals. Each Corporation designates a person to be their "member representative" to receive all notices and communications from CCI. That person can also vote on behalf of the Corporation.
Condominium Corporation Membership Annual Fee: (based on $4.00 + GST per unit) is a minimum of $100.00 + GST  to a maximum of $260.00 + GST.

New! Complimentary Access

Receive the member rate for all events for the remainder of this membership year when a Condominium Corporation Membership is purchased for the upcoming membership year. This is only available to Condominiums who have never held a membership in the Chapter previously. There are no voting rights under this category.

Individual Membership

This membership includes any condominium unit owner and/or occupant or any other persons, other than a person who would qualify as a professional member, with an interest in the condominium community.
Individual Membership Annual Fee: $75.00+ GST

Professional Membership

Professionals practicing in the condominium field such as Property Management, Condominium Law, Insurance, Accounting, Engineering, Real Estate Sales, Reserve Fund Studies, Arbitration or any field acting to better the condominium community. These are memberships provided to an individual professional and are non-transferable.
Professional Membership Fee: $310.00+ GST

Business Partner Membership

Companies that provide service to the condominium industry. Each business designates a "member representative" to cast their vote and receive information from CCI.
Sponsor Membership Fee: $410.00+ GST

Applying for Membership

To apply for Membership, you can either conveniently online using our secure server or you can download our printable membership application (PDF format), and simply mail or fax your completed application to the address indicated on the form.

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