June 2, 2018
Category: Meeting

CCI-N 2018 Spring Leaders' Forum: Mental Toughness - Living Up To Your Potential

Mental Toughness - Living Up to Your Potential

Debra deWaal, Safe & Sound

Come and learn how to enhance your confidence, overcome adversity, and get inspired to take on new challenges!  Debra deWaal, Owner of Safe & Sound and a former Calgary Police Officer will share with you how to perform at the upper limits of your talents when facing stress or pressure.  This session will leave you reenergized and set to take on your next hour or your next life adventure.

COST: $55 (CCI South Alberta - Members' Only)

8:30am            Registration opens and breakfast

10:00am          Session starts

12:00noon       Lunch

1:00pm            Event ends


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