CCI South Alberta offers 9 education lunches a year (all months except July, August and December). These lunches are available to both members and non-members (members have a reduced rate) and cover all sorts of condominium related issues.

Previous luncheon topics have included:
  • Mental Health Issues in Condominiums
  • Bareland Condominium and the Shores Decision, Heather Bonnycastle and John McDougall
  • Getting Accountability Right with a Privacy Management Program, Carmen Mann from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta.
  • Engineered Technical Audits, Michael Ball from Morrison Hershfield Ltd.
  • Identity Theft: A Protection Guide, Kathy Macdonald from the Calgary Police Service
  • STUCCO & EIFS, Dana Bjornson
  • AGM Function & Dysfunction: Condominium Board Meetings & AGMs, Laurie Kiedrowski & John McDougall
  • Market Dynamics that Impact the Health & Value of Condominium Assets, Harold Weidman
  • Social Media and Condominiums, Stephen Cassady from 247Condo
  • Tips to Prevent Disputes in Your Condo – Enhancing Your Condo Community, Jim Allison
  • Leadership & Resiliency – Personal and Professional Mastery, Deb deWall from Safe & Sound Safety Training & Consulting Ltd.
  • The Power of LED Lighting in Condominium, Tracy Grills from Green Building Innitiatives
  • By Design or By Chance – Best Practice Governance, Murray Johnson from CCI National


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