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Reprinted from the Spring/ Summer 2017 Newsletter
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Summer is finally upon us! I hope that by now your parking lot lines are all smartly painted, your flowers are all prettily blooming, and your shrubs and trees are all neatly trimmed. I’m sure that your irrigation systems are up and running, and the irrigation contractor is being made aware of any local watering restrictions...

As we move through the hottest part of the year, those of you with central air conditioning probably have a large smile on your face! As a Property Manager, for many years we have written to townhouse unit owners asking them not to install window mounted air conditioning units. Many older Condominium Bylaws strictly prohibit this. Recently, we have advised many of our Boards to examine the thorny air conditioning problem in more detail. I am not suggesting that Boards ignore Condominium Bylaws regarding air conditioning installation. What I am suggesting is that Boards proactively set enforceable rules concerning the installation of air conditioning units, and allow them where permissible under Bylaws. Many newer air conditioning units are very quiet (under 70 decibels) affordable (under $ 3500) and would not overly interfere with the enjoyment of other unit owners. Air conditioning units can be installed in both townhouse and apartment style condominiums. When the Board presents a solution to owners who are fed up with living in hot condominium units, the Board is being proactive rather than reactive and this is a good thing!

As we transition into Fall, Boards wishing to add some perennials to their landscaping will find that many garden centers offer extremely good deals the later the season gets. Want to brighten up your Condo in Spring? The Fall is the perfect time to plant Spring flowering bulbs, and a planting bee can do much to generate good feelings. It will also give those that participate something to look forward to over the long, dark winter months that are coming. For now, old man Winter is a long way away and let him stay there!

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to renew your membership with CCI South Alberta. Renewal forms have been emailed to you, and we look forward to welcoming you all to our AGM, which will be held on September 28th at the Hotel Blackfoot, Calgary. By the time you read this column our new website will be up and running…check it out…we are very proud of it.  This coming year we are pleased to bring you some new courses and some exciting luncheon speakers!

Wishing you all the best for a very long summer and a warm fall.

Andrew Fulcher


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