President's Message

June 2021

I struggled to find a topic to write about for my message in this newsletter. Mostly because over our past three newsletters I’ve made a point to avoid the common Covid19/pandemic phrases, as we all hear enough of that. I do hope your friends and family are all doing well, but I would hope that’s inherent thought with any of us. But I digress, as I made my vaccine appointment for two weeks out and it’s rare for us to share private health matters; however, this is one that I think we should talk about if we feel up to it. Maintain your privacy if you see fit, and if you’re comfortable, I encourage you to promote amongst your community to get vaccinated. As an engineer, I must follow the science on this one. Albeit my wife did make a joke about growing a third arm after she got her first dose, it’s all in good jest. My family has always found laughter and jokes to be the easiest way to get through difficult times. Wasn’t life a lot simpler when the most pressing topic in the news was legalizing cannabis?

On to condo topics. Has anyone mastered or successfully held a hybrid virtual and in-person meeting? It seems our AGMs are moving in that direction. As you’ve seen, CCI SAB has been hosting virtual lunch sessions education seminars/courses for about a year now. I think the demand for a hybrid virtual and in-person option is soon to become a reality. We’ve all stood around a cell phone set to speaker mode so someone could call into a meeting. What does it look like to incorporate video into that situation, besides the obvious need for quality sound? A potential business opportunity for someone out there to simplify and harmonize how one handles these situations. Hardware such as microphones and potentially a mobile camera setup maybe things people need. Perhaps we see one of the players such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams come up with a clever solution and platform. There are more hurdles to this topic than those for getting your Great Uncle Hubert onto a Zoom call with his newly purchased tablet. Shout out to all the Uncle Huberts out there.

I can’t help but remind all of you to be checking your condos/homes for any building envelope irregularities now that spring has sprung. Get your annual roof inspection done. Clean your gutters/drains/parkades. Check your windows/doors/balconies/cladding for signs of irregular staining. Walk around your buildings and look for ‘one of these things is not like the other’. When in doubt, call a professional to come to take a look for you and document what has been reviewed. Perhaps even send out a survey to your residents asking for their feedback about building envelope issues. Happy summer folks!

Ryan Coles 
CCI South Alberta Chapter, President

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