President's Message

March 2021

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. If you’re reading this, I’ll leap to the conclusion that you’re engaged in the topic of condominiums, and you make a point to be well informed. You are part of the group of people that CCI aims to engage with, and you demonstrate the exact attitude we want to encourage and foster.

Now that I’ve pumped your tires, I ask a favour of you: please use your informed position to share CCI news and opportunities. Sure, we’d love more members, but one of the most important goals of CCI is to spread accurate information about condominiums. How many times have you read a condominium-related news article, or better yet, the public comments at the end of such an article, and recognized where people are mistaken in their interpretation of a condo topic? I had a conversation with a person last week who thought their condo fees go into the property manager’s coffers, and didn’t realize that the majority of those fees are actually for O&M costs and the reserve fund for the Condominium Corporation. We don’t learn this stuff in school, so where do we expect people to get their information? My hope is that you do your part in spreading accurate information and facts about condominium life. And if I’m really lucky, you even plug CCI as one of the top sources for information.

I’d be remiss to not give a warm welcome to our two newest CCI South AB Board members: Sara Bushnell and Abbie Thurgood. They were elected after another highly contested election held during our first-ever virtual AGM at the end of October. Once again, more people ran for election than there were candidates. Each candidate submitted a pre-recorded video of themselves, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn more about them before voting. In addition to the two new members, a number of current Board members were re-elected for another two-year term. Thank you to all candidates who put their name forward for election.

Monthly lunch presentations are planned for each month from now until summer, and the CCI has planned to host a full docket of our courses throughout the spring. Board members continue to be busy attending advocacy meetings with the government and other related bodies. CCI South AB is frequently invited to join stakeholder meetings to represent the voices of condominium owners in Alberta. Recent topics we have been consulted on include the Building Exterior Visual Assessment (BEVA) bylaw in Calgary, home insurance premiums, residential energy efficiency and of course the tribunal, which is still in the early stages of planning with Service Alberta.

That’s all for me this time - it’s late in the day but there’s still enough daylight to take the dog for a walk. Spring is right around the corner.

Ryan Coles 
CCI South Alberta Chapter, President

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