President's Message

Fall 2018

Well, look what I went and did. After two years with the CCI SAB Board, I’m flattered to have been nominated by my fellow Board members to fill the role of President of CCI Southern Alberta over the next 12 months. I look forward to serving you with a fresh mindset for the coming year. Thanks to our past-president, Andrew Fulcher, for an outstanding three years of service where he manned the rudder as we sailed through a few storms. We came out better as a result of his, and the Board’s, hard work. He’s a true English gent who’s always good for a chat and a laugh. We’ll now cross the Atlantic as I replace him with my east coast mannerisms and slowly fading accent. I’m sure you noticed I already snuck in my first nautical metaphor.

At our September AGM, the membership elected three new members to the Board. Welcome to our team: Adrian Breitwieser, Kelly Christopher and Thomas Kerr. If you see them at the luncheons or through your personal condo activities, shake their hands and thank them for volunteering their time. For the fifth year in a row, we had a contested election, which demonstrates the high level of interest amongst our members. I’d still personally like to see you condo owner(s) or condo Board member(s) join our Board in future years. If not, perhaps you would be interested in joining one of our committees that are always in need of help achieving our goals.

Also at the AGM, we thanked our longstanding and unfortunately outgoing Board member Evelyn Thompson for her years of service with the CCI SAB Board, and presented her with a plaque to represent our gratitude. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the room who got a little teary-eyed during her speech. Thank you Evelyn.

I’m already getting the hang of this presidential stuff. So far involves just thanking people for their hard work. For the upcoming membership year, once again the education committee is ahead of the curve and has organized an impressive slate of luncheon presenters. Information on dates and presenters can be found on our website. We have upcoming topics on how to address human rights complaints, a 90 minute workshop on time management, a case study on a massive condo building envelope failure, and possibly a Q&A panel with service providers. If you have an idea or want to present yourself, our doors are always open.

If it’s education you crave, we’re offering the introductory CM 101 course and a new course, Successful Budgeting Basics, in Calgary on November 24. If you live near or around Medicine Hat, we’re about to confirm a date in January or February for the Fundamental Management Principles – CM100 course. CM100 (March 16), CM200 (March 23/24) and CM300 (May 18, 19, 25) will be offered in Calgary this coming spring. Dates are tentative. We may even make it down to Lethbridge in the next year, continuing our commitment to bring condo education to all of Southern Alberta.

My primary goal as the new president is to continue to grow our membership, with special emphasis on condo owners. They are the ones who we are all here to better serve. If we can grow/engage this sector in our membership, I then hope to convince condo owners to join our committees and potentially even get the CondoSTRENGTH program up and running for CCI SAB. In speaking with other CCI chapters across the country, this program has received excellent feedback from condominium directors. If you have anything CCI SAB can do better for you, or if you have any new ideas for us, feel free to contact me any time.

Ryan Coles


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