Board & Committees

Board of Directors 2021-2022


Ryan Coles, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Ryan is an Associate with RJC Engineers, where he is known as the office ‘Condo Guy’ because that is where the bulk of his business efforts and volunteer time with CCI are focused. 
He is responsible for a wide variety of projects and services at RJC including the assessment and rehabilitation of structures, building envelope, roofs, post-tensioned systems, fall protection and parking facilities. He has established himself as a trusted advisor for condominium Boards and property managers across southern Alberta.

Ryan has been on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Condominium Institute Southern Alberta Chapter for four years, and has been president of the Chapter for the past two years.

My areas of expertise include:  He spends much of his time with RJC Calgary’s Building Science and Restoration team helping building owners better understand what they own, what has gone wrong with their building, what may go wrong, and where to go from here. Ryan believes in long-term repair strategies that require minimal maintenance in order to reduce costs over the lifecycle of a building.

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: Ryan has been on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Condominium Institute Southern Alberta Chapter for four years, and has been president of the Chapter for the past two years. He believes there is plenty of potential for our Chapter to grow and expand our reach to more condo corporations across South Alberta.

Do you think you can improve our Chapter: 
Ryan believes there is plenty of potential for our Chapter to grow and expand the CCI reach to more condo corporations across South Alberta.

Vice President

Tony Reed, BFL CANADA Insurance Services

Tony Reed was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, and has resided now in Alberta for 23 years with his wife and 2 daughters. He is proud to call Calgary home. Tony started his career in insurance in 1998 and has been with BFL CANADA for the past 6 years, now the Unit Leader for the Alberta Real Estate Team
working exclusively to insure condominium corporations.

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: Should I have the honor to serve another term, I welcome the opportunity to continue to give back to the Condominium community of which I have worked closely with over the past 12 years. I will continue to request sponsorship monies from companies so that CCISAC remains financially stable and to welcome a new chapter of learning to support the ever-changing regulations.

Chapter Contributions: 
I have served actively as the VP on the CCISAC board for the past 4 years and would like to continue for another term. Since joining CCI, I have assisted on various committees, taught multiple cci courses and have spoken at conferences across Alberta and Nationally. Serving as the representative of CCI-SAC on the ACR (Alberta Condominium & Real Estate Conference) committee, it has been a privilege watching it grow from the beginning to a great annual conference, which for the first time ever will be virtual this year. This past
term, I am most proud of being one of a few to represent CCI on the new Condominium Regulations and contribute my expertise in Insurance. In addition, I have acted as the  main liaison with the CCI Northern Chapter allowing for good communication and strategies as we head into the next phase of licensing and CCI’s
role in it.


Walter Wakula, Sanderson Ridge Condominium

A graduate of the University of Calgary, Walter Wakula has Bachelor of Commerce and MBA degrees in accounting and finance and an Institute of Corporate Directors ICD.D designation. He has lived at the Sanderson Ridge Condominium complex for six years with his wife Michela, has served on their Condo Board as a Director and Treasurer and has served as a Director of CCI South Alberta for the past year.  He and Michela have 5 adult children and 8 grandchildren.
Walter’s career consists of over 30 years of senior management and corporate director experience. He was the treasurer of Canada’s largest natural gas producer and helped create First Calgary Financial Credit Union as its founding chairman of the board. While overseas in the 1990’s Walter directed the corporate finance and investment banking practice of Price Waterhouse in Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia. 

On his return to Canada Walter earned his director’s designation and became a corporate director.  He was a director, chair and/or CEO of three publicly listed oil, gas and mining companies and approximately fifteen not-for-profit organizations. He has been a very active and motivated director and treasurer of his condominium board and has served on the board of the Condominium Owners Forum Society of Alberta and on the CCI South Alberta board getting the broader provincial perspective for condominium education, legislation, governance and financial management. 

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: I would like to continue my work on the CCI Board to improve the education of condo directors and property managers, to improve the governance and financial management of condo corporations and to advocate with government and government agencies to improve legislation and regulation of the Alberta condo industry.

Do you think you can improve our Chapter: 
Yes. The chapter is open to continuous improvement and there are many opportunities for a motivated director to move the chapter forward in areas of membership, delivery of member education and its advocacy work.


Maria Bartolotti, New Concept Management

Maria Bartolotti was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, a City she loves to call home. Maria started her career as a Condominium Property Manager back in 2001 and has remained actively involved in the Condominium Community for about 19 years. In 2005 she took a leap of faith and started her own Condominium Management firm, New Concept Management Inc. which has achieved great success. 

Maria is passionately involved with the Canadian Condominium Institute–Southern Alberta Chapter as the Chair of the Education Committee and member of the Board of Directors. Maria was recently elected to serve on RECA’s Divesting Responsibility for Delivery Education. 

I’ve been delivering education for CCI for over 15 years through various venues which includes; luncheons, seminars, courses, workshops and recently online webinars all focused on the condominium industry 

My areas of expertise include: 

  • Education for the Condominium Industry; board, owners public 
  • Project management 
  • Creative writing 
  • Condo Expert blogger and writer 
  • Public relations 

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: 
Education: Continuing my efforts to bring awareness and education to the Condominium industry. 

Do you think you can improve our Chapter: 
I believe I’ve brought a lot of value and positive changes in the work that I’ve done for CCI-South, and I would like to work together with my board to continue our efforts in making changes that improve the industry. 

I have a true passion for this industry and would like to continue to serve on the board. 


Adrian Breitwieser

Senior Project Manager, Entuitive

Adrian Breitwieser is a Senior Project Manager within Entuitive’s Building Envelope Services group, delivering assessments for a broad range of project types.

With 13 years of experience as a Condominium Manager, Adrian has an intimate knowledge of all aspects related to residential and commercial condominiums and stratas including building systems, governance, operating and reserve and contingency fund budgeting, and insurance to name a few.

His operational experience covers project delivery from start to finish: initial building condition assessments and performance failure investigations; Reserve Fund Studies; Depreciation Reports; building condition assessments; recommendations for restoration and renewal of building envelope systems; and facilitate project administration tasks.


Dionne Levesque LL.B

Partner, Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP

Dionne was born and raised in Calgary and prior to entering law school, received her BSc in Psychology (Honours) from the University of Calgary. She attended law school at the University of Victoria where she was awarded her JD degree in 2007. Dionne also holds a certificate in International Business Law from Queens University and has completed a program in International Property Law at Oxford University in England.

After graduating from law school, Dionne articled and practiced at a prominent Calgary law firm primarily in the areas of construction, condominium and real estate. Dionne joined Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP in 2016 where she maintains a practice that focuses on real estate, condominium and development law. She regularly represents sellers, purchasers, banks and developers in acquisitions, sales and refinances of personal, commercial and investment property.

In addition to her real estate practice, Dionne acts for individuals, boards of directors, property managers and developers with respect to various condominium matters including insurance claims, bylaw creation and interpretation, bylaw enforcement and condominium disputes.

Dionne has appeared before all levels of court in Alberta including Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bend and the Court of Appeal.


Andrew Fulcher

Andrew Fulcher is a real estate broker and full-time property manager with Prairie Management and Realty Inc in Okotoks. Active in the industry for many years, he has spoken at CCI events nationally, taught courses across Southern Alberta and successfully presented online seminars. A past president of CCI S Alberta, Andrew sits on the board of Directors.


Lauren Larre 

FirstService Residential

Lauren was born and raised in Saskatchewan. In 2016 she moved to Calgary to explore and further her career opportunities in the Property Management sector. As Regional Director over the past 5+ years with FirstService Residential Alberta, Lauren oversees the management of 130 condominium corporations. She leads and empowers a team of dynamic professionals, and proud of the dedication her team of Community Managers bring to their client boards.

My areas of expertise include: 

  1. Board & owner education – Liaising with subject matter experts to create content and host education seminars.
  2. Conflict resolution and consensus building.
  3. Leading a high performing Community Management team.
  4. Leading the discovery, communication and implementation of major change initiatives.
  5. Supporting board members in their roles by providing guidance, education and resources.
  6. Developing, training and fostering growth among associates

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: I am aligned with CCI’s drive to educate Boards, Property Managers and condominium owners on the complex details of condominium ownership and management. I firmly believe that consistent condominium education is necessary to improve experiences for first-time homeowners and board members. Continual education also enhances skills for more experienced professionals.

CCI South Alberta does a tremendous job bringing experts in to provide education, taking the approach that there is always learning to be had. I fully support this, and as a new board member I will work with other board members to offer various perspectives and experience gained over 5+ years of working closely with boards and owners.

As a promoter of CCI being the industry expert and #1 resource for condominium owners, I will add value by continuing to promote it from within. While we educate condominium owners within our own organizations, I believe we can broaden that education by collectively promoting CCI’s professional services and resources. My goal is to develop, encourage and empower more informed owners through CCI as the top-notch standard in condominium education.

Do you think you can improve our Chapter:  If I have the honor of being elected to the CCI Board, I will endeavor to find and create process efficiencies to benefit CCI. I believe we all have room for improvement, and CCI has an incredible amount of opportunity to expand and grow its reach across the condominium industry.

I will help increase awareness and growth of our chapter through my experience in improving, developing and executing existing or new programs and procedures. As a leader of past and current high-performing teams, my strong enthusiasm for education will complement any improvements and changes.

At FirstService Residential Alberta, I am an active leader, at the forefront of creating and improving the way our teams do their jobs. I believe in always finding new or improved ways of doing our work that will better serve our associates, the boards they serve, and their condominium clients.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to join CCI’s board and believe we can work together growing, educating and inspiring condominium boards, owners and others in the Property Management industry.


Sara Bushnell

I graduated with a BA Hons degree in Fashion and Textile Management from the UK.  My first professional role was as a public relations associate at Brunswick Arts in London, UK where I worked on international public relations campaigns for major art and cultural companies and institutions.  I moved to Canada in 2008 and with my husband started Fire Ant Contracting Ltd., a construction company with three divisions – condominium restoration, condominium maintenance/service and residential renovations. As Vice President I manage the administration, accounting, customer liaison and marketing sectors.   I am lucky enough to have three young, rambunctious children and love to travel, hike the beautiful Rocky Mountains and walk our dog.  I enjoy many types of arts and crafts activities and integrate them where I can in my role at Fire Ant

My areas of expertise include:  Project management; leadership of administration and accounting team;  development of all administrative and project management procedures and processes; public relations and customer liaison; management and creation of all social media platforms for the company; creation of marketing strategies and campaigns.

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: I am excited about making a contribution to the industry association that relates to my company and profession.  I attend many of the CCI events and would like to become involved at the board level in order to share my skills and energy with CCI.

Do you think you can improve our Chapter: 
I believe that my experience and viewpoint from a construction and service side of the industry will be an asset to the Chapter. 


Laurie Kiedrowski LL.B

I am a condominium owner since 2009 and a lawyer since 2005 who practices almost exclusively in this area.  I grew up in a small town in northern Saskatchewan (population 1500) and was in the same class as Scott Moe, current premiere of that province. I am an avid cook and watcher of Y&R.  Perhaps that is because the drama does NOT involve condominiums. I used to travel a lot, and hope to do so again in my future. My husband is also a lawyer and partner at our firm, and I have two grown step-daughters.

My areas of expertise include:  Law and problem solving.  And this year - juggling what has become a crazy world. My firm’s website unabashedly boasts that, “Laurie is the Condominium group team lead at McLeod Law. Her practice is concentrated in condominium matters, including governance and litigation. She advises developers, property managers, and boards of directors on matters relating to land, people, and overall governance. Laurie helps her clients with their business decisions, risk management, and people relations. She is well versed and experienced with the Condominium Property Act and Regulation, and related case law.”  I think that this year the boasting should be that my marriage has remained intact.

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: It has been my experience that being at the heart of it all, and ahead of the game as to what is going on from so many vantage points (owners, insurance, management, accounting, engineering, etc.) allows me to give back to the many professionals and members in the condominium community that my daily life and work revolves around.  Volunteering for this organization enables me to help others in an efficient manner.  

Do you think you can improve our Chapter: 
I think my ability to provide a legal perspective is helpful, as is my ongoing day to day contact with all sectors that engage in condominium matters.  All day, every day, I deal in condominiums, and this allows me to share insight with the board from a host of vantage points - owner, insurer, manager, board member, supplier, contractor, engineer, accountant - you name it.


Abbie Thurgood

After moving to Calgary at 6 years old from the United Kingdom, Abbie Thurgood has made a name for herself in a multitude of fields. Her outgoing demeanor, inquisitive nature and the ability to evolve in any situation handed to her; is remarkable. Constantly looking to improve herself, she does not shy away from tough situations or the opportunity to learn something new. She undoubtedly is a force to be reckoned with.

“I believe that we have the opportunity to learn from everyone, if we give them a chance,” says Abbie. This attitude has served her well thus far and accounts for her ability to morph between situations and conflicts.

In her spare time, Abbie can be found spending time with her family and friends between recording sessions with her band, Gone Cosmic.

My areas of expertise include:  Communication and project management, organizational and public speaking.

What is motivating you to volunteer on the CCI South Alberta Board: With the multitude of changes instituted by the Honorable Nate Glubish of Service Alberta, we are currently in an unprecedented position as an industry. We have the ability to shape what the condominium management community is, and I’d like to be a part of it. In addition, I would like to expand my knowledge and experience with the inner workings of the Board. This will enable me to provide a new perspective and ideas for the organization.

Do you think you can improve our Chapter: 
I believe passionate people have the ability to drive others and unite for a common cause. During a time that we are all navigating through uncharted waters, it’s time to bring passionate and vocal people to the table. I am an excellent leader, with the ability to evolve as necessary to ensure the common goal is achieved. I welcome the opportunity to work alongside this esteemed organization and fellow leaders.

Volunteer Experience:

  • The Mustard Seed - Volunteer during the Holiday season to assist distributing meals to low income families.
  • Board experience working alongside condominium boards for the last 3 years with Three
  • By Three Inc. Experience with Boards and Board committees.
  • 2013 - 2018 Co-Founder/Co-Ordinator of TORCH NIGHT, quarterly showcase featuring
  • Women in Music. All proceeds donated to the Women’s Centre of Calgary


2021-2022 Committees

Membership Committee 

Ensuring membership is maintained and increased overtime via:

Ensuring sponsorship levels, based on budgets, are met by:

Ensuring awards and recognition matters are:

Ryan Coles

Tony Reed
Adrian Breitwieser
Andrew Fulcher


Education Committee 

Luncheon Organization – includes: venue, speakers, room set-up, annual review of venue contracts, and annual review of venue lunch costs.
Courses - Providing educational courses CM 100, 101, 200, 300 and the Budget Course

Policies - Establishing policies and procedures for the above that are beneficial to our members and instructors.

Maria Bartolotti

Laurie Kiedrowski LL.B
Dionne Lesveque LL.B
Walter Wakula
Abbie Thurgood

Government Relations Committee 

This committee strives to work with, and offer our guidance to Service Alberta and those in charge of Provincial legislation affecting condos. We also meet with City of Calgary or other municipalities as, and when needed.

Tony Reed

Andrew Fulcher
Dionne Lesveque 
Walter Wakula

National and Chapter Representative

One representative from each chapter sits on this committee. The representative provides feedback and guidance from the individual chapter level to the National Executive of CCI.

CCI National Council Representative
Ryan Coles


Governance Committee 

Review and set policies on Board practices, travel, rules and regulations, etc. concerning how CCI SAB should be run. Ensures our bylaws are followed and rewritten as needed.

Andrew Fulcher

Laurie Kiedrowski LL.B
Dionne Levesque

Communication & Technology Committee

The Communication & Technology Committee is responsible for:

Dionne Levesque LL.B

Adrian Breitwieser
Abbie Thurgood
Lindsay Boon

ACR Conference Trade Show Committee 

The ACR Conference Trade Show Committee works to bring a yearly condominium trade show to South Alberta by:

Tony Reed

Sara Bushnell

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is responsible for staffing issues, contracts for administrator, and any complaints about members and/or the Board.

Andrew Fulcher

Maria Bartolotti


Are you interested in volunteering for CCISAC? We are always looking for people to contribute! To volunteer on a committee, please visit the members only page and forward an email to the Committee Chair.

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